Tuesday, May 11, 2010

birthday letter

{hihi.. you look like a pirate}

{one of the photos that you've taken}

{i wish that on my wedding day}

hey pap,

how are you so far? easy on the beers in heaven rite? hihi.. i should tell you some things that other people know but i may not ever told you before. it’s hardly enough for what you do and what you've done for me and your family.

you're my first man who i can trust. you've taught me, personally, so much. you taught me to work smart. you taught me about life through your own experiences. when i would share my thoughts, the most lovely memory i've had was that you always listened. i remember the nights we've had together and the many nights we've shared with your really good music, stories, lots of laughter.. i really miss that moment, i wish i could turn the time and spend together with you again.

oh well, today is your big day! happy birthday papa, happy hippy yaaay.. throw a birthday party in there? coooool! good friends, good music, good foods, good place.. i would like to dance, woohoo! hehe.. what a blast! oh ya, pandu say hello to you pap. ♥

i love you, like the sun.. big shiny and warm and i miss you so much *big kisses and hugs

{playing : happy birthday - the beatles}


Flows30 said...

happy birthday to you sir! i really hope you happy up there. and for you girl, keep remembering him in your heart and he'll continue remembering you from up there

olivia willyost said...

hihiihi.. thanks beng!