Monday, May 3, 2010

iron man marketing madness

sega's iron man 2 video game and the microsite

oracle (is a proud sponsor of stark expo) is offering wallpaper and a microsite. play the game here!

hershey's reese's peanut butter cups is offering you chance to win a role in a marvel movie

AC/DC shoot to thrill (with iron man 2 footage)

7-eleven is offering iron man big gulp cups, iron man straws, a special iron man invincible orange slurpee and even iron man cookies

burger king is offering the following Iron Man Toys along with more you can see here.

LG iron man 2 phones, visiting their microsite here.

royal purple motor oil. see the microsite here

the dr. pepper iron man 2 tv commercial, play their online game here!

the audi iron man 2tv commercial

now's your chance to smell like tony starck, hihihi.. See more at diesel's fragrance factory

iron man marketing madness. from cars to fragrance to cookies. the products and links to the retailer's specialty micro sites created to promote the upcoming release of the movie, iron man 2.

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