Monday, May 17, 2010

4th TEDxJakarta

i attended to the 4th TEDxJakarta at kementerian pemuda dan olahraga (kemenegpora) theatre. as we know TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED 'ideas worth spreading'-like experience (independently organized TED event). here are their speakers :

elang gumilang, the 25-year-old entrepreneur, a winner of wirausaha muda mandiri 2007. he said..

"vicious circle : poor --> can not
save money --> can not afford the investment --> can not increase revenue --> poor"

"patience + consistency is the key to a successful life"

"we don't need smart people. we need people who are consistent with what they do, so they can make a change"

wahyu aditya, founder hellomotion, winner of british council’s international young screen entrepreneur design and screen award 2007 in london, one of asia’s best young entrepreneurs of 2009. he said..

"with the power of design, KDRI (kementerian desain republik indonesia) wants to change visual image of indonesia to the better level. nasionalisme gaul"

anies baswedan, one of the top 100 public intellectuals in the world by foreign policy magazine, one of the young global leaders at the world economic forum 2009, one of the 20 influential people in the world that would bring about global change in 20 years by foresight magazine. he said..

"whoever is in charge of a nation's education. s/he is the architect of that nation"

education is your escalator to a better life"

tri mumpuni, acknowledged in president obama’s speech as a great social entrepreneur for rural electrification at the presidential summit on entrepreneurship in april 2010, WWF Climate Hero in 2005, one of the 100 most powerful women in asia named by globeasia magazine. she said..

"pursuit of wealth was a mistake. that must be done is to set ourselves worthy sustenance by God

"someone rich not because of her/his wealth, but because of her/his work"
(photo by lalitia apsari)

kunokini, group band. they come with a unique concept where they play music with traditional percussion instruments made into a local-beat ethnic experimental and sooo coooool!

all the videos will be available in their website soon with english subtitle.

and here are their videos from TED :

adora svitak, student - what adults can learn from kids
elizabeth gilbert, writer - nurturing creativity
derek sivers, entrepreneur, musician - how to start a movement
dan barber, chef - how i fell in love with a fish (high recommend)

there's nothing i can say.. just awesome! i've got more inspiring. looking forward for the next one.. and to all my friends here, don't miss it the 5th TEDxJakarta.

{cc: @TEDxJKT, @maswaditya, @kunokini}

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